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Request PTP Approval #1
Posted on 9:09 am 12/06/2019
Post here to request PTP approval, please include the following:
Site domain
Referral URL

- The site must not contain an autosurf feature of any kind.
- The site must be in English.
- The site must not contain more than 1 popup/popunder type ad.
- The site must not be an obvious scam site - $1 per click, $5,000 cashout, etc.
- MLM / matrix / ponzi scheme sites will not be approved as they will turn scam.
- The site must not be a rotator site, ApplePTC's PTP rotators should never be placed in a rotator or you are facing suspension.

Manual TE, PTC, PTR type sites will almost always be approved.

Posts in this section will be cleared out regularly for ease of use.

Sites which cannot be approved and why:

- trafficg puts member ads in their rotator automatically if the member is upgraded which is prohibited here.
- trafficera cannot be approved as they automatically put sites into their own rotator basically and rotators here cannot be placed in other rotators.
- Traffic Crowd... "Join, and once inside add your Sites and allocate them some credits, and your Sites will start Rotating on **** Traffic Exchanges." ... same problem as trafficg, sites are automatically added to their rotator which is against the rules here.
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Re: Request PTP Approval #2
Posted on 3:22 pm 01/28/2020
justgoodtraffic - approved, manual TE
all4pro - not approved, "Requires You to be an upgraded/paid member in order to send your ads to other members"
myearlybird - not approved, it's a downline builder, use your ref link
pifexplosion - not approved - MLM
wepaycommissions - not approved - MLM - not approved - MLM
banneradblaster - not approved - MLM
superspotlightads - not approved - MLM
cryptojams - not approved - mining site
road21btc - not approved - very broken site and makes no sense for PTP links
sunnyhits - approved, manual TE
manyhit - not approved, autosurf, do not use this site for anything regarding ApplePTC
vikingshits - approved, manual TE
hit-mart - approved, manual TE
cookieclicks - approved, manual TE
surfing4acause - approved, manual TE
bizzybeete - approved, manual TE
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