Ref Contest Paid and PTCWall Fixed #1
Posted on 12:10 am 01/03/2019
Congrats kukishah77 - you won the ref contest all prizes have been sent.

PTCWall is now crediting again, sorry about that.

If you are still having issues using the site, please let me know.
Dont forget to fill in your withdraw profile!
Re: Ref Contest Paid and PTCWall Fixed #2
Posted on 3:22 am 01/03/2019
Congrats kukishah77 well done

OMG just saw I won something too.

Thank you!!!!
Last edited by coiner on 3:59 am 01/03/2019
Re: Ref Contest Paid and PTCWall Fixed #3
50.09 $
Posted on 1:41 pm 01/03/2019
Thank You so much dear admin for this ref. contest it was an awesome win for me and also i like to thanks my friends jonathan21, gabolas_ems, alkpap1, babisuna, theorder, Miracle201888, yuriyuli, AhpTeam for their help ..

and also congrats to you my dear friend coiner for winning ...

thank you and good day ...
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