Forum,, are all scam #1
Posted on 4:13 pm 04/27/2019
The owner of these sites just closed all of his sites without notice. From the history he did that aleardy before just stay away in case he comes back in a couple months.
Forgot that one belongs to the same Guy.
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Re:,, are all scam #2
92.43 $
Posted on 10:47 am 04/28/2019
he was trusted guy and he inform me before closing the only reason behind his closing is paypal ... no paypal no sale = site gone
Last edited by kukishah77 on 11:04 am 04/28/2019
For Me Honesty Is Every Thing .Which means believe that !
Re:,, are all scam #3
Posted on 8:40 pm 05/01/2019
I don't know why owners are still opening with PayPal, eventually all PTC and TE type sites lose their account, sometimes it just takes longer because their sales are few and far between, paypal doesn't notice them at first. For any site relying on PayPal you should invest nothing and cashout what you can while you can.

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