About ApplePTC

ApplePTC.info has been owned by several individuals, as of October 10th, 2017 it became the property of Reba Flannery.

There are no other admin here, I am not pretending to be a company with a team, I am an individual running a member based website.

This website is not an MLM, it is not a pyramid scheme, I do not require you to purchase, I do not require you to refer or to promote. I require you to be active on the website.

ApplePTC is not a PTC website... huh?

But admin, if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck it must be a duck!

Typical PTC are set up as money in, money out... so is ApplePTC, however the source of the cash flow for ApplePTC is not the site itself. You won't see me running sales or emailing you to buy. If the site needs an ad type you might see a multiplier come into play however it will almost always be only for the first so many buyers and it will always include member store purchases and account fund purchases. You want to upgrade? Awesome, surf the exchange, you will find a lot of cash and purchase balance prizes in there, earn your upgrade. Since I took over the site two members have been able to earn the best upgrade I offer here, I would love to see that number increase.

I am not trying to sell you anything, I am not here to earn a dime off you. On it's own, no, ApplePTC does not sustain itself. I do not require it to. I never claimed it did. This is why I say ApplePTC is not a PTC, I do not care about purchases at the site. I have set it up so that advertising at ApplePTC is easily doable just off a couple days activity, a single day if you get lucky in the surf rewards or grid. You have cash just burning a hole in your pocket sitting in a processor and want to buy something at a PTC? Go to a site on the PTP approved list and buy from them, send your traffic here to the rotator or your ptp link and I will pay you to (Deluxe scripted sites will pay you double PTP here), plus I will give you a referral bonus of five cents cash & five cents purchase balance. 

So, why am I doing this? What do I want?

Your activity. Your feedback. Your input. I am the owner of AuroraBrushes.com and I am co-owner of AuroraCoderz.com. We are PTC script developers. ApplePTC is a live test site with an active enough member base to make it worth it to me to run the site as a paying site. I use it to test current and potential AuroraCoderz features on. Of course I can create something on some hidden dev site and use it myself and it work fine, however when I add things here instead and let the public test it members can let me know when something doesn't work as expected on their particular set up. Current admin can let me know, hey we want to see this or that added to the default script. I can also review usage here in terms of resources and member interest.

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