ptcwall disabled almost all sites. #1
Posted on 10:58 am 05/11/2019
Looks like the site got sold a while ago and they now want to have more "quality" traffic. Maybe the end of ptcwall for many sites.


This is mexicantarget.
You are reading this because your website probably got blocked and your users cannot use PTCWall on your website.
Due to recent bot traffic, that was being sent to sites that used PTCWall, I had to disable all the sites, and start approving manually the legit ones.

Now, if you think your site is a legit one, please drop me a support ticket through the system on here.

There's going to be new criteria for approving sites from now on.
If your site doesn't meet the criteria, work on your site and apply again in the future.

The criteria will consider a few things, including Alexa rank. SEMrush, your Google Analytics, your site's age, and other things we wont be revealing, for now.

EDIT: 6/5/2019.
Traffic has been improved greatly. There is no sign of botting. So far, 70 domains, out of 2700 domains have been approved. Legit traffic, legit clicks.
Hello everyone!
It's's owner.

I am very happy to tell you that currently there are 90 legit websites, out of 2700 websites old PTCWall had. (

Traffic is awesome.
Clicks are genuine.
More and more sites are asking us to re-join the platform.

We have set some criteria that websites need to pass, in order to keep a higher standard than most PTC sites have.
We are aiming to climb the ladder in the PTC space, beginning from this month.

You should expect a new PTCWall homepage, a new dashboard interface. A rebrand, and many more advertisers to come.

PTCWall wishes you a nice day.
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Re: ptcwall disabled almost all sites. #2
Posted on 9:02 pm 05/15/2019
They could have gone about this in a totally different manner but instead chose the lazy free route, I disabled PTCWall, it won't be back.
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Re: ptcwall disabled almost all sites. #3
Posted on 1:07 pm 06/20/2019
Hello admin,

It appears that PTC wall is still active and approving sites again.
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