Traffic Ad Bar #1
Posted on 11:42 pm 01/23/2020
On the first of February will be removed from the PTP approved list. Several of you are showing hits to your PTP / Rotator links from sites that are against the rules and are honest enough to contact me about it. The source of these hits and your confusion is trafficadbar. I will not block the site, you may still promote your normal ref links and splash pages there however PTP and Rotator links will redirect after the first.

I understand this site is a large source of traffic for some of you which is why I am giving you advanced warning so you can change your ads. I have also added a bunch of PTR and TE sites to the approved list.
Re: Traffic Ad Bar #2
Posted on 3:54 pm 01/24/2020
trying to understand what went wrong with trafficadbar. I use it too but honestly I doubt I did anything wrong. All I do is surfing there.
Maybe someone found a way to cheat? Or is it just how the site works? Sorry just trying to figure out
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Re: Traffic Ad Bar #3
Posted on 4:59 pm 01/24/2020

No one did anything wrong, it is just how the site works.
If you look in your PTP domains ( ) you will see random hits from sites you never meant to send traffic from like,,,, rotators and autosurfs, and these are just some showing for your own account.

trafficadbar seems to do little to nothing to keep its traffic sources clean, I was fine answering member tickets regarding the site until I found this...
and that is only one blogspot free webpage doing this, there are more, and at that point I was over it, it is a poor traffic source. You may think you are getting many valid hits from it however your rotator link for ApplePTC is actually not being seen at all. If you still wish to use the site with your normal ref link or splash page link that is up to you.
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Re: Traffic Ad Bar #4
Posted on 5:13 pm 01/24/2020
Oh I see. Thanks for cleaning it up. Yes I saw these too and no I never heard about these site and yes I was wondering too.
Had no clue that these came from trafficadbar.
The whole day I was trying to figure out what's wrong or if I did anything wrong.
Greed rears its ugly head
Re: Traffic Ad Bar #5
Posted on 8:25 pm 01/24/2020
A Soldier without his gun but NOW he is trying to survive with alternatives ..

i understand .. no compromise on quality .. ..
edit : soldier is die ..
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