Clivia membership #1
Posted on 10:58 am 03/28/2020
I bought clivia membership for one month from available purchase balance , 3$for referral option ,
Wanted buy for one year as bitcoin value is down for now,I have to wait for it to regain
It is though not good for website and its owner as there is no source of inflow of cash
I am really sorry
Thank you 😢😇😀😂😁😊☺
Re: Clivia membership #2
Posted on 1:26 am 03/30/2020
Nothing to be sorry for... as admin it is my job to think about finances, it is your job to earn.

Also, the price of BTC is still low, it will recover but I believe will take some time, hold on to your coins until then... Ideally you will hold any coin you earn until the price is higher than when you received it. March 2nd, when payouts were made last, you were paid at $8,663.52 a coin, so until BTC rises above that anything you were paid here should be held, with the same idea applying in regards to all sites you are paid crypto currencies from.
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Re: Clivia membership #3
Posted on 8:57 pm 05/17/2020
I bought 1 month Clivia today myself using crypto. I'll see how this goes.
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