Browsing error. #1
Posted on 10:54 pm 05/23/2020
Everytime I try to browse/ click on ad, i keep on getting a message that I should have an account to earn/to get credit even though I have an account and I was logged in.

I could not proceed in browing ads. Hope you can help me on this the soonest.

Thank you.
Re: Browsing error. #2
Posted on 2:54 am 05/24/2020
Contact directly to administration, they will handle it πŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸ˜€β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡
Re: Browsing error. #3
Posted on 3:02 am 05/24/2020
You can try a different browser and see if that fixes the problem
Re: Browsing error. #4
Posted on 5:14 am 05/24/2020

since when do you have that problem?
What browser do you use?
Is it only with tge ptc ads?

Have you tried to clean cookies and cache?

Sometimes I get some DB errors but never run into something like you got.
As others suggested already try a different browser and see what happens.
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Re: Browsing error. #5
Posted on 11:16 am 05/24/2020

On a phone so I’m not checking your IP directly at the moment however this is a known issue for dynamic IP addresses.

When logging in where it asks if you want to lock your IP address change it to no.
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Re: Browsing error. #6
Posted on 1:19 pm 05/24/2020
This has been an ongoing issue for 2 days now.
Tried using Chrome, Cryptotab browser and Edge , they all provide the same result.

I could login to my account but by the time I start to browse I will get an error the I need to have an account to browse.
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