Need Help #1
Posted on 3:17 pm 06/01/2020
Hi, I am New to appleptc. 2 things I want to know. First in Weekly top promoter contest it show I am 1111 rotator hits away from first place.
What is the best place to promote my PTP links?? And Second thing is in my withdraw profile it show Withdraws are enabled for your account. and Minimum amount you prefer per payment I select 0.15 and Maximum amount you prefer per payment is 0.00?? I dont understand anything. Thanks
Re: Need Help #2
Posted on 3:47 pm 06/01/2020
About ptp promoting check the

You can sort hits today/valid today and see what sites are good to use for promoting

Site Hits Today / Valid Today (More Info) 1221/1091 (More Info) 882/867 (More Info) 213/155 (More Info) 164/106 (More Info) 111/101 (More Info) 108/100

Just a couple examples.

The withdraw profile tells the admin that you don\'t want to get paid if your balance is lower than $0.15 and if you set a maximum example $5 means that everything over $5 will stay in your account.

Some members may want to keep some balance maybe to upgrade or buy some credits for that you can set the maximum to any ammount you like.
It can be $20 or $10 and so on.
If you set the minimum to $1 let say uou only will get paid if you have more than $1 in your account.

Other thing I like to mention are the miner fees.
If you uee coinbase there should be no fees but if coinbase is not legal in your country and you have only a bitcoin wallet than the fees csn be high.

Hope this helps if not just ask

And welcome to appleptc
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Re: Need Help #3
Posted on 5:49 pm 06/01/2020
Thanks For Help
Re: Need Help #4
Posted on 8:41 pm 06/01/2020
great job coiner you are a really helpful mate for everyone
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Re: Need Help #5
Posted on 6:19 am 06/02/2020

You cal always promote free at:
it´s Apple PTP approved!
Re: Need Help #6
Posted on 4:01 am 06/03/2020
thanks vibespt for providing Apple PTP Approved site link
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