Welcome message. #1
Posted on 9:30 pm 07/11/2020
Dear, Admin!
Could You add opportunity when someone sign up using my link receive \\"welcome message\\" from me.
Now let me explain why:
Many many users when they sign up don\\\'t know advantages of Your site and think that is just PTC site and no more (when I registered I also thought so, but later when I found out Your site better, I realized that This Site is Great!).
In \\"welcome message\\" personally I want to say Hello and Thanks, and give some advices.
Or if it\\\'s difficult,then opportunity to send one message to all referrals at once.
Thank You in advance.
p.s.excuse me for my English, I hope You will understand my thoughts.
This commonly used on legit Russian sites, when referrer welcoming referrals and explaining in \\"the welcome message\\" some points.
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Re: Welcome message. #2
1.49 $
Posted on 10:27 pm 07/11/2020
BONNE idée
Re: Welcome message. #3
Posted on 4:25 am 07/12/2020
Nice idea
dont judge me just doing the same worthless as others
Re: Welcome message. #4
Posted on 6:04 am 07/12/2020

Do you mean to their email or to the message center on the website?
Re: Welcome message. #5
Posted on 7:30 am 07/12/2020
Thank You for quick answer!
I mean on the website(inbox message) when someone join using my link,he/she get \\"welcome message\\" from me (\\"referrer\\&quot automatically when he/she login first time. In the message I will try to find the words that make users work more actively .
p.s. I have just noticed that there is a few active users, the rest just don\\\'t know all advantages of Your site.
For example, I worked on Russian profitcentr and there I wrote message:\\" Hello! Thank You for joining my team! Welcome! If You have any questions or help, feel free to ask me. I\\\'m always ready to help and support You!\\". And users which join using my link, when they login first time they get inbox this message.
I just hope that it helps users will be more active.
Thank You!
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Re: Welcome message. #6
Posted on 7:39 am 07/12/2020
And in addition to my previous post: only one time message, not every time, because people don't like to receive the same message many times...
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