Withdrawal #1
Posted on 8:19 pm 07/13/2020
Can I withdraw my earnings,if yes then how.Can any one explain please.....
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Re: Withdrawal #2
Posted on 10:46 pm 07/13/2020
Hi Prabas!

Same here the issue.
But,i think,the aswers in here: (site)

,,By filling in your payment address you acknowledge admin may pay you any portion of your balance at any time to the address you have provided. You must fill in your withdraw profile in order to be paid at ApplePTC. There are no payment fees for members providing a Coinbase email address. Direct wallet payments will have miner fees withheld. There are no terms regarding WHEN you will be paid, there never have been, there never will be, PTC is volatile.

Please remember, you are responsible for entering the correct address, admin is not liable for your having had entered the wrong account information.''

Have a nice day!

Re: Withdrawal #3
Posted on 2:47 am 07/14/2020

You do not manually request payment here, fill in your withdraw profile and around the first of the month payments are made.
Re: Withdrawal #4
Posted on 3:48 pm 07/21/2020

I have followed direction for withdrawal. My minimum is $1 and max $3. I'm somewhere in between there. But, even though i stated that my minimum is $1 does the site have a minimum withdraw level? Or is my $1 still a good withdraw minimum?
Re: Withdrawal #5
Posted on 8:32 am 07/22/2020

$1 is a good amount for direct wallet payments. The minimum I can send BTC in either processor I use is 0.0001 which is usually around $1.00. I do not cover miner fees, they come from the member balance when sending to direct wallet addresses. Usually this is between $0.15 and $0.30 though I have seen it much higher. If for some reason miner fees are over $0.50 I delay payments until the fees go back down.

Sending on the coinbase platform (meaning you have provided a coinbase email address) allows me to send any amount above a penny with no fees, so payments you see for less than $1 were not sent over the blockchain but instead directly on the platform.

There are some micro wallets we are watching but I am wary after faucet hub.

For new members reading this, 0 is perfectly acceptable as a minimum and I will pay you when your account balance is high enough if you are using a direct BTC wallet address.
Re: Withdrawal #6
Posted on 2:19 pm 07/22/2020
Hello, Friends!
For All who has any questions about withdrawals.
Admin pays about 1st of every month . There is no request for payment. Here is like You work at Your main work and get salary every month.
Just fill in Your withdraw address, set minimum and maximum and... You will receive Your earnings as everyone.
And, it's my opinion, Here is the Most Trusted Admin! So don't worry, You will get payment!
Happy Earnings!
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