Mass Spam and Updates #1
Posted on 5:56 pm 03/31/2019

If you have used the contact form to contact and I have not replied I have not received your contact, there is a massive spam issue here so to prevent this from happening in the future I have installed a ticket system. The contact link in the footer now redirects to it. If you have contacted and received no reply I do suggest you open a ticket.

We are working on Deluxe v3 so I will still be quiet for a bit as it is a big update, ApplePTC will be updated. Payouts will be reverting to the standard request method when this happens. Many of the updates found only here are being included in v3 however if there is something you know you will miss or a feature you would like to see included as default in all Deluxe scripted websites just reply here and we will consider it.
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Re: Mass Spam and Updates #2
Posted on 8:00 pm 03/31/2019
Please set another ref contest .... and good luck for the v3 ...
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Re: Mass Spam and Updates #3
Posted on 2:23 pm 04/01/2019
Yes I have a suggestion.... instead of creating a new ad for the grid may it be possible to extend the ad?
If that would be possible it would make it easier.
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Re: Mass Spam and Updates #4
Posted on 4:56 pm 11/06/2019
Re: Mass Spam and Updates #5
Posted on 1:04 am 12/21/2019
Ok, I am new to this website , hoping for good
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