Tickets #1
Posted on 6:04 am 05/04/2019
I get lots of ticket in traffic exchange. What can I use?
Re: Tickets #2
Posted on 12:42 pm 05/04/2019
you can win something. Tickets get drawn monthly.

Each month, 5 tickets will be randomly chosen. The members who own the drawn tickets will receive $0.25 Cash . At the end of the month when the winners are drawn, all tickets will be removed so every member starts with 0 tickets at the beginning of each week.
How To Earn Tickets:
Click A Paid Link: 1
Surf An Exchange Site: 1
Read A Paid Ad: 1
Refer A Member: 2
Purchase Item: 5

You can check this in your account;ac=contest

And in the history you will see what you got already

There are plenty other contests
Last edited by coiner on 12:44 pm 05/04/2019
dont judge me just doing the same worthless as others
Re: Tickets #3
Posted on 10:06 pm 05/04/2019
My bad, I let a lot of prizes run out..... fixed now and added new prizes so that a total of 75 different prizes are now available in the surf rewards. Many have the same name but different prizes, sorry, it's just too hot to be creative.

Thank you coiner.
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