Frequently Asked Questions

Account Suspensions

Am I allowed to make another account?

No, if I have banned your account once then you are unwelcome here and any accounts found with your details will also be banned.

Bot Link Clicks

There is a bot link set up at all times at ApplePTC, ten clicks to that link by any account will lead to instant account suspension and the account will not be reactivated.


Cost Per Impression vs. Cost Per Click

Cost per impression are how many times your ad will be viewed and does not take clicks into consideration whereas cost per click is how many clicks your ad will receive before expiring regardless of impressions (views). 


How do I request my payment?

You do not manually request payment at ApplePTC. In your withdraw profile you provide your payment address, your minimum preferred amount and your maximum preferred amount, from there the rest is done for you. You may disable payments for your account should you need to in your withdraw profile as well.

When are payments made?

There is no set time, it depends on many factors including admin availability. As of January of 2020 payments will be made around the beginning of each month for all accounts that have filled in their withdraw profile and have cashouts enabled.

Where is my withdraw profile?

In your profile above your balance click the money sign and you will be taken to your withdraw profile.

Point Store

Why was my order denied?

The most likely cause is you failed to put the relevant ad data into the comment section and I was unable to process your purchase. Resubmit your order with all necessary information. Otherwise you attempted to advertise a rotator in the rotator here which is not allowed.

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