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Moved to Forum October 26th, 2017
Site news is now being moved to the forum

Further Changes October 17th, 2017

Further changes have been implemented, I will continue making changes before fully relaunching the site.

  • Rotator installed and active.
  • New banners installed.
  • Activity bonus installed and available, prizes are random.
  • Click page rebuilt, use Ctrl+F5 if you have trouble viewing it, ads you have already viewed for the day will now show at the bottom of the page.
  • Click contest modified to include PTC ads, PTR ads, paid emails (when available) and traffic exchange ads.
  • Fixed the traffic exchange ratio, it is now set to 2:1 for all members.
  • Added memberships with a max duration of 1 year, anyone purchasing more than 1 year will be refunded.
  • Added surf reward prizes and enabled surf rewards, prizes are random.
  • Point store updated and some products added.

There is much more still to come, I'm hoping to have everything ready within the week.

Cleaning Up October 14th, 2017

Good Morning, 

Installs paused when I found some things in admin that just weren't right. It's no wonder Allen had so many problems, he was being cheated left and right. This was not his fault, his script hadn't been updated in years, the script now running here just had it's latest update released yesterday. All cheating accounts found have been flagged and will be monitored closely, I have not outright banned these accounts for various reasons but mostly because I am testing the script with them and they have not yet cheated under my terms. Clean up has finished and I will be installing the rotator, modifying the click contest and more today. An admin will be sent later announcing my ownership.

Thank you for your patience during this time!


ApplePTC Under New Ownership October 10th, 2017


My name is Reba and I now own ApplePTC. Many changes have already taken place, many more are to come....

- Terms have been updated entirely - continued use of the site means you agree to them.

- Turned off PTP - there will soon be a rotator that pays PTP instead, the front page doesn't earn anything to viably pay PTP earnings.

- Upgraded the script.

- Set up to run as a BTC only website, while the value you see in your balance will show USD, all purchases and payments will be made via BTC.

- Reset inactive accounts.

- Reset balances for members who were not previously allowed to cashout - the country terms at Apple PTC have changed drastically, each account will be checked individually, anyone can join and be paid, there is simply a one time verification purchase for countries named on the terms page. That being said, if I am not allowed to pay your country from my country (United States) I will contact you personally when denying your cashout. 

- Removed previous owners ads.

- Removed ads with no purchase recorded. This website was not as secure previously, I am checking credit balances versus purchases / conversions, if there is no record of your having purchased or converted anything to ads your ad balance will be wiped.

- Removed memberships available to purchase, this was an unexpected purchase on my part, so as I evaluate the direction of the site I will get new upgrades posted. 

Yes, I put a half finished template on the site, sorry about that however it should get finished later today.

Ads are very low at this time, there are almost 60,000 link ad credits in the system in active members accounts. If you have a program to advertise I request you please place ads. Also, is no-minimum and donkeymails approved. Please remember the script has changed, you will no longer see your own ads while earning on the site. 

My Skype has not changed, I can be reached there at aurorabrushes however I do not use Yahoo anymore at all, their new software sucked and it killed my work plus most people have Skype anyway.

Please Add Credits to your Ads by the end of each month! April 21st, 2014
At the end of each month I will be deleting all ads and banners with no credits. This is to keep the site running smoothly for all.
Ad Value Increase! April 08th, 2014
I am deleting all ads with no credits. Now would be a good time to buy credits ad place your ads. New ads will have a higher value starting at 0.001!
No Minimum Approved January 31st, 2014
Apple PTC is now No Minimum Approved.
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