Referral Contest

2020 Referral Contest

Contest Runs Until February 29th, 2020 PST


1st - $50

2nd - $25

3rd - $10

4th & 5th - $5

6th & 7th - $2.5

If there are members with qualifying referrals under the 7th place mark they will be given a consolation prize of 1500 link credits.

If no one places for a prize slot the prizes will be divided between qualifying places. In the event of a tie, tied members will count for the tied prize and the prizes below for as many members are tied, the prizes totaled and divided equally between tied members. For example, say 3 members tie for first place, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be added together and split among the tied winners.

This is a manually ran contest, only active referrals will be counted.

Activity Defined:

- Minimum 3 logins.

- Minimum 25 clicks.

- Minimum ten cents in account balance.

Contest Rules

- Only active referrals are counted.

- Your referral link may be advertised anywhere.

- Normal PTP rules apply to rotator and PTP links.

- PTSU ads, forum links and down line builders are allowed.

Current Standings

Current member standings will be kept track of below this line.

kukishah77         23x 

coiner                 5x

sania2704          4x

tguile                  2x

cashnclicks        2x

rajan21               2x

kenwarren1        1x

kongoseki          1x

bigfoot1977        1x

aleko77              1x

imranjlm             1x

multimair            1x

dbsfans              1x

pimion                1x

rich1984             1x

*** Banned members will not show up on the standings page however they do still show in admin and will be counted if they had qualified prior to losing their account for whatever reason.

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